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Call Blocker is Android App that blocks unwanted calls, call centers, spam, robocalls, telemarketing, private calls, hidden calls, anonymous calls, strangers, etc.

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Block incoming and outgoing calls, spam numbers, telemarketers, unknown calls

Great app. Blocks every call unless the number is on our contacts list. We have it set to do that and love it. Does exactly what we want it to do.

Dwight McManus

I love that my phone never rings with nonsense calls. Blocks everyone that are not in my contacts. Works like a charm.

Tiffany Bowman

Absolutely love this app. I was averaging 40-50 robo calls and scam calls a day. Not a single one has made it past the app. My contacts and whitelisted people have no problems reaching me at all. All apps should work this good.

Jim Huffman

I can't believe how silent my phone has become. And when it does ring, I know it is someone I know from my phonebook. And if a call comes in that is not in my phonebook the incoming call goes to voicemail, allowing me to call them back if I wish to do so. Very nice App!

Daniel B Brennan


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Works like a treat. Other call blockers I've used still let the calls ring through. Not this one. You can whitelist your whole contact list so only those calls will ring through, and it shows you the numbers that tried to call so you can whitelist or blacklist them. I highly recommend this app.


The best app to ever exist!!! I wasgetting soooo much so for every number out there I swear! It was 10 calls every hour level of bad D: but thank God I found this app! Simple straight forward and now I can actually use my phone! Thank you so much!!!!

Manuel Vazquez

I feel like I have my life back. I was getting as many as 17 calls a day about car warranties and Medicare. Now I get maybe 1 and its blocked. I love it.

L Dukro

I have tried many call blockers and "Call Blocker" is hands down the best I've used. It just works. No more unwanted calls from Auto Warranty salespeople, (for cars I no longer own), insurance salespeople, nothing, nada, nyet. I don't even hear phone ring. Legitimate calls go to voicemail where a voice message can be recorded. Spammers don't leave messages, so they waste THEIR time, not mine. I'm gladly upgrading. Dev deserves it. Best ever! Thank you!

Michael Moore

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